David Steedman
David SteedmanYear 10 Adviser

I have been working at Mullumbimby High School for seven years now in the TAS faculty as a computing teacher. This is now my fifth year as Year Adviser, having started a transition role for my cohort in 2015. I love working here and have always found both the staff and students to be very kind and friendly.

Year 10 is a very important year for students. It heralds the end of their junior years of school, and signals the start of two important years in a student’s high school life. Students will have completed three elective subjects and their ROSA exams by the end of this year.

Towards the end of Year 10, students continuing to the Higher School Certificate must decide which subjects to study. All subjects except for English are now electives which opens up many avenues and allows students to steer their education and life choices in the direction that they choose.

Additionally in Year 10 students are opened up to further life experiences such as work placement and the adventures of the snow trip.

My message to Year 10 is that I hope that I can assist you as you face the challenges of High School, whatever they may be. Year 10 can be a challenging time but I encourage every one of you to make the most of the opportunities Mullumbimby High School has to offer.

Students, if you are feeling stressed or need help with something I am always available for a chat. Parents, I can be contacted by email at david.steedman2@det.nsw.edu.au or by ringing the school.

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